SeattlePay Service Summary

Effective Date: Oct 10, 2017

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Welcome to website(the "site") is comprised of various web pages operated by Seattle NZ ("Seattle" ""). to point to by Seattle NZ Limited operating network trading platform.

a. SeattlePay Service Summary

SeattlePay functions as an intermediary agent which provides Seller/Buyer with secured transactions for funds management, it includes:

  1. FUNDS MANAGING - Applicant can use this service to top-up the funds into their SeattlePay account and giving the company authorities to look after them,the company will comply with total integrity.
  2. DEBTS COLLECTING - SeattlePay can represent as applicant's behalf to collect debts from other SeattlePay account holders.
  3. PAYING - Applicant can request SeattlePay to pay any appointed third party and any completed transaction is not reversible.
  4. WITHDRAWALS- Applicant can make any withdrawals from their SeattlePay accounts, the process will take approximately 3 working days. Applicant must provide lawful and effective identifications upon the request, then the company will transfer the requested amount of funds to the appointed active bank account.

b. Credit Card payments terms and conditions

All one-off credit or charge card payment will incur a 2.9% convenience fee, which will be deducted automatically from merchant user's SeattlePay balance.